200mm Diameter x 3.0m Pre-established and Unplanted Coir Rolls

Client – Environment Agency

Pilot scheme for catchment restoration of the River Ecclesbourne, that forms part of the Water Framework Directive aim to return rivers to good ecological status. The original back channel was restored and a weir removed. The mill race was re profiled and a two stage channel cut to maintain low flows and minimise risk of siltation. Planting needed to be native and establish very quickly for quick visual impact. The plants also needed to withstand occasional high flows, therefore Salix supplied pre-established coir rolls and pallets that would create instant habitat and not wash out during flood conditions.

The works were undertaken by Environment Agency’s operatives with a Salix site supervisor on hand for initial advice. Planting was installed in early March. We’ll bring you further pictures in a few months time to see how the site progresses.