Spraying HydraCX at Silent Valley
Spraying HydraCX at Silent Valley

Our hydraulic seeding plant is used exclusively with our unique and high performance HydraCX product. This is different from conventional hydroseeding in a number of ways.

Our hydraulic seeding plant, used with the spray on erosion control blanket HydraCX, is excellent for use on sites:

  • to reduce health and safety concerns
  • where there is high erosion risk
  • where there is little or no soil
  • when there is a need for rapid establishment
  • where there are steep slopes and uneven ground
  • to reduce costs and increase success in comparison to more conventional geotextile blankets

We use our own specialist rig to hydraulically apply the HydraCX, a special mix of soil amendments, straw and cotton fibres with tackifiers, which improves the chances of germination enormously. The process protects the seeds from being washed away, absorbing the rain impact, increasing micro climate temperature and moisture retention and gives a small boost of natural fertiliser to each seed.

We use a mix of native seeds, to suit specific site conditions and soils, sometimes with a nurse crop to speed up the process of germination.

Our hydraulic seeding plant has been used to green up railway lines, motorway embankments and mining and landfill sites. Hydraulically applying the HydraCX enables us to spray a mix directly on to rough terrain where voids, tree roots, rock outcrops and existing vegetation may be present.