Soil Remediation

Case Studies

Biochar is a key ingredient in TerrAffix Soil Solutions

TerrAffix Soil Solutions Ltd® launch

TerrAffix can be applied on next to any soil type, providing the necessary nutrients for rapid vegetation establishment on brown soils to aggregates.

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Swales over-sprayed with TerrAffix-G and HydraCX week 5 grasses starting to establish

Large Green Swale Project

This large roadside project involved creating 28km of green engineered roadside swales on 14km of dual carriageway. Six weeks after treatment we had significant…

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A11 drainage channels vegetating

Green Swales on Roadside

Soft engineered ‘Green Swale Grass Channel’ attenuates road run-off water, filters suspended solids, and traps hydro carbons and heavy metals, significantly imp…

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