TerrAffix-Hydrasoil hydraseeding at Frongoch MineTerrAffix-Hydrasoil media
TerrAffix-Hydrasoil hydraseeding at Frongoch Mine

TerrAffix-Hydrasoil Systems are biotic soil media systems designed to help soils reach their fullest potential for vegetative establishment and long-term erosion control.

To ensure the best possible of soil conditioners  TerrAffix-MineTerrAffix-Rail and TerrAffix-Verge are manufactured from a proprietary blend of:

  • waste and recycled natural fibres
  • mycorrhizae
  • growth stimulants
  • micronutrients
  • biochars

  • Provides protection up to two years
  • Effective on slopes >2.5H:1V
  • Effective immediately
  • Fast growth establishment, increased water holding capacity means the seedbed is nurtured and growth accelerated
  • Far less expensive than erosion control blankets, less soil prep is required and there is no risk of tenting
  • Has significant amount of sequested carbon.

TerrAffix biotic soil media accelerate the development of depleted soils/substrates by alleviating low organic matter, low nutrient levels, low moisture holding capacity and limited biological activity. It is an ideal alternative to trucking topsoil to sites, or where site access is very limited or on steeper slopes.

TerrAffix systems are also capable of preventing pollution from mobilising in soils, meaning when it is used on roadside or mining projects wider environmental pollution is prevented.

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TerrAffix comparative lorry graphic

One full load of TerrAffix biotic soil media can replace 270 truck loads of imported topsoil*. Importing topsoil has a high CO2 footprint and required heavy machinery to spread, especially on slopes.

Topsoil, may also contain invasive species seeds and other undesirable seed species that will not appear in the specified seed mix.

* based on a topsoil application depth of 150mm.

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