Using Carbon Neutral Wetland Habitat to Prevent Erosion in Iport Doncaster

Native plants growing on embankments, whilst looking out to the wetlands providing erosion protection

Wetlands were excavated as part of a large, new retail development near Doncaster. Once excavated, the embankments suffered from significant erosion due to sandy soils and wave action. The structural integrity of the embankment was at risk, which would lead to failure of a bund and continued erosion.

High Energy Inter Tidal Solution on the River Exe

Exeter FAS prior to Rock Mattress Installation

Salix’s Ready-filled Rock Mattresses provided a solution to flood protection works needed on the River Exe. This quick and cheap approach provided a stable, natural embankment on the high energy intertidal river.

Reservoir Dogs – Shoreline protection

Early germination of grass seed through VMax C350

Salix were brought in to help with a sensitive erosion problem on a reservoir shoreline in North London. Ecologically sensitive solutions were used which will create habitats and improve amenity value.

Erosion Control at SuDS project

SuDS slow flow drainage channel

Rock Rolls and Rock Mattresses are both easy to put into place, prevent erosion and can withstand high flows whilst allowing for the natural establishment of plants.

River Rhiw Bank Protection

River Rhiw Bank Protection

Salix were awarded the contract and began works to carry out 300 metres of riverbank protection to protect this existing exposed high pressure gas pipe in March 2013.

River Tywi

River Tywi Pipeline Protection

Salix were awarded a design and build contract to prevent further erosion of a section of the riverbank and reinstate a scour hole threatening a high pressure gas pipeline on the River Tywi.

Railway Lane, Lewes

Before work commenced railway line Lewes

The integrity of the existing blockwork facing was deteriorating as a result of the tidal inundation and draw-down cycles together with areas of groundwater seepages emanating from the slope profile.