Coir Pallets establishing at Snaith Ponds - Photo by Carys Hutton

Products Used in Habitat Creation Project With Yorkshire Wildlife Trust

Creating habitats in a flood protection project with Yorkshire Wildlife Trust & Environment Agency at Snaith Ponds, using our Coir Pallets & native plants

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A perfect green roof covered in poppies

A Down To Earth Green Roof Solution

Creating a green roof on a 43° pitch using our HydraCX and native wildflower seed

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Rock Rolls and VMax C350 providing erosion control at Yeoville Junction

Rail River Rock

Rock Rolls and VMax C350 provide ecological erosion control at Yeovil Junction, protecting the railway from undercutting by the River Yoe

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VMax C350 and Bionet protect the soils both above and under the water

Bringing Biodiversity to Hydro Plant in Pershore

VMax C350 & Eronet are used on this hydro project to protect the inlet channel and surrounding soils from erosion, working with nature for natural solutions

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Flood Alleviation and SuDS management at Witton Gilbert

Residential Flood Defence Scheme at Witton Gilbert

The decision was made to use Rock Rolls & Rock Mattresses at this residential flood alleviation scheme because of ease, cost and environmental benefits

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Eronet c125 will ensure that the soil behind the Coir Rolls and Pallets does not get washed away whilst plants establish

The Avenue, Erosion Control & Habitat Creation Within SuDS on Old Contaminated Land

Salix have been appointed as specialist contractors to deal with the erosion control and habitat creation within a SuDS for a mix of housing and business parks at The Avenue

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Rock Rolls and Coir Rolls at Stourport

Tough Green Alternatives to Hard Engineering

Contractors, Consultants and Researchers are praising our Rock Rolls and Rock Mattresses for their proven ability to offer sustainable cost effective solutions to more traditional hard engineering such as concrete,…

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Conwy overtopping winter 2015

Conwy Spillway Success

In 2009 Team Van Oord installed 9000m2 of Salix’s VMax Shear Stress Turf as part of the Conwy Flood Alleviation Scheme, seven years and many major overtopping events on and…

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Well established Coir Rolls by Cliff Carson

Coir Rolls Aid Biodiversity Boom

Our Coir Rolls are superb at erosion control and they are also brilliant for wildlife. Wildlife such as Water Voles benefit enormously from the immediate cover that the mature plants…

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