Spider in narrow, restricted channel
Spider in narrow, restricted channel

Our Menzi Muck M540 Spider Excavator can reach places other excavators cannot achieve, able to work on steep slopes and in confined places. It weighs in at 12,000kg but punches way above its weight.

Some of the key advantages include:

  • It can work on near vertical slopes
  • It can deal with rugged terrain
  • The flotation tyres means it can work on sensitive sites
  • The flexible undercarriage allows it to step over obstacles
  • The Menzi Muck can work near watercourses as it uses biodegradable Panolin hydraulic oil
  • Its huge strength enables us to lift large boulders and whole trees in stream

It has been used out on sites that are awkward such as Cwmparc or sensitive such as the River Washburn. It has also been used for inland dredging at Walthamstow Nature Reserve.

Able to work in sensitive river beds means the “Spider” can be used on river restoration work where minimal disruption is essential.  Its ability to climb down steep, almost vertical, slopes means it can access very tight spots which would be impossible with conventional machinery.

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