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Ponds and lakes can become choked with silts and sediments which can encourage algal blooms and remove oxygen from the water. Desilting and dredging ponds can breathe new life into a water body.

Dawn Chorus at Woodberry Wetlands

Woodberry reedbeds vegetating

We are always delighted to see how sites we’ve been involved with look after a year or two, and Woodberry Wetlands has been great to see develop. As part of the Woodberry Wetlands project, Salix have dredged silt from the reservoir to create 13,000 square metres of new reedbed, more than doubling this important habitat … Continue reading Dawn Chorus at Woodberry Wetlands »

Water works at Walthamstow Wetlands

walthamstow by Steve Ayers

The latest stage of the transformation of Walthamstow Wetlands into the largest wetland nature reserve in London will see the creation of new reedbeds to help preserve water quality and improve wildlife habitats. The wetlands site will remain one of Thames Water’s biggest sources of supply for London’s drinking water and is the largest fishery … Continue reading Water works at Walthamstow Wetlands »

Creating a new nature reserve in East London

Salix is helping the London Wildlife Trust to create a new nature reserve on the site of Thames Water’s East Reservoir in Stoke Newington.

Lake Desilting & Biodiversity Improvements at Midhurst’s South Pond

Revetments at Midhurst

The South Downs National Park Authority has commissioned Salix to help create a wildlife haven on the South Pond, at the edge of Midhurst town centre in West Sussex. The large 800-year old pond, which has a 270-metre perimeter and two small islands, had been suffering from pollution and heavy siltation.

New wetland habitats at East Tullos Burn

East Tullos map

Salix has worked with Aberdeen City Council, cbec and Walking-the-Talk to restore the East Tullos Burn in St Fittick’s Park, Torry, transforming it from a straight, hard-engineered channel into a more natural stream with a meandering course, functional floodplain and improved wetland habitats. Following consultation with the local community and stakeholders, the burn’s restoration design … Continue reading New wetland habitats at East Tullos Burn »